Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology (MARSLAB) is one of the five laboratories in Institute of Biosciece, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

The main objective of the MARSLAB is to strengthen the research programs in marine and aquaculture biotechnology through enhancement of expertise, improvement of research facilities and innovation of novel marine-based products.

The research focus of MARSLAB includes discovery of natural marine biomolecules, and development of products with commercial potential for food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and aquaculture industries.This niche area is in parallel with the objectives of the HICoE (Higher Institution Centre of Excellence) program which addresses the fish health issues using vaccine and immunotherapeutic technologies.


In addition to research, MARSLAB plays an active role in providing specialised training to staff, students and public on various topics related to marine science and aquaculture. In these training sessions, we share our fundamental discoveries, development of new technologies for commercial application, and innovative solutions to practical problems related to various marine-based industries. We hope this effort will contribute towards enhancement of human capital and development of appropriate workforce necessary for the economic growth of the country. The training also emphasizes the importance of conservation and sustainable use of rich and diverse aquatic resources of the country.


To strengthen our research and training, we developed intensive collaborative research and networking with many world famous research institutions such as Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute,(AORI), Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) , Russian Academy of Science, University of Stirling, Wageningen University and Ghent University. To drive all these efforts in research and academic excellence, research grants are obtained from various local and international agencies.
Location of Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology (MARSLAB):
2°59’60.0″N 101°43’23.0″E

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